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Car Door Magnet Signs for your Business!

Car Door Magnets are a cost effective way to advertise your business as you travel around town in your business vehicles or trucks. Our durable 30mil thick magnetic signs are removable and include rounded corners help prevent your sign from flying off driving at high speed. If you are considering buying car door magnets for your entire fleet, give us a call and ask about our volume discount.  Car magnets from All Signs are the industry standard to provide a long lasting and vibrant mobile advertising solution at a low price. You won't find a better car magnet company anywhere.

All of our magnetic signs for cars are printed with the latest high resolution, digital print technology on high quality iron ferrite (magnetic) material. Solvent based inks are printed directly embedding the color in the magnetic material for long lasting color that will not fade for years to come. Our magnetic signs will last for years, so it’s a very low cost per impression when it comes to advertising.

Magnetic Sign Installation and Care
Your magnetic car sign will be shipped rolled to avoid damage while in transit via UPS. Straighten your magnet on a flat metallic surface (like a refrigerator) for at least 3 hours to return it to its original shape before applying to your vehicle. Be sure to clean your car or truck surface thoroughly before placing your magnetic signs on them.

To get the most out your product’s lifespan, regularly remove your magnets from your auto and clean under the magnet, as well as the surrounding area.  Please note that you must always remove your magnet lifting it from the side that faces the rear of the vehicle.  And always identify a driver side magnet and a passenger side magnet and never mix them.  Most of our customers generally remove them each time they wash their car.  Always store your magnetic sign on a flat surface when not in use.  Feel free to call us with any questions.